Describing the DISTRIKT is like sharing a meme (check this if you're confused). Cecil Adams from describes the concepts of memes as something that "is either really deep, or really, really obvious." On the first glance, you may get the joke. And upon closer inspection, you may see layers of meaning that go way deeper. 

On the outside, the DISTRIKT is a community of people who engage in fitness classes and yoga. It is what you expect it to be, a hard, sweaty workout with fun people. Got it. 

Once you go a bit deeper, you realize there's more to it. Jian describes the studio as a front for creating something bigger than just movement. Movement is the access point to create connection between humans. REAL connection, not the kind that's sold on a sponsored Instagram post. Before leaving my job, I knew I needed some time and space to reset. This was the perfect environment to recharge and take some time away from the city. 

Calling Crush Hush a retreat, doesn't quite fully capture the experience. Leaving Crush Hush, I feel more connected. More understood. And more a part of a community. 


portugal pt. 3

Film developed. Photos edited. Here's a final bunch of photos from Portugal. 

Summer is finally happening in Vancouver and I'm already missing the grilled fish and bottles of 2€ Wine. I find myself trying my best to bring parts of my travels home with me. How can I slow down and experience things anew? What would wine with every meal feel like? Where can I explore in my own city that I haven't been before? 

I hope you enjoy.



I'm currently writing from a small BNB in the Algarve countryside while drinking my 0.99€ white wine from the grocery store. Lauren and I have been wanting to come to Portugal for quite some time now and decided to come on a whim after we saw a flight deal. I didn't have an expectation of what this country would be like so far, but it's been incredibly beautiful. Between the tiny cobble-stone streets in Lisbon and the long winding roads of the countryside, I've felt at ease exploring the different sides of this country. 

The Portugese egg tarts, fresh grilled fish and abundance of wine are worth all of the hype. I was also warned online about the challenges of driving in Lisbon while taking 20 minutes to back out of a dead-end alleyway, sandwiched between parked cars. Portugese (which I thought would be relatively easy to pick up) first sounded like Russian mixed with Spanish, but is now starting to feel a little bit more familiar. 

I'll leave you with these photos from Lisbon (I'm working on the selfie game). 

With love, from Portugal. 

Behind the Scenes: On Time

Last weekend I spoke at the Distrikt DVRSN about time. This is a quick write up of the ideas I talked about. 

The average industrialized man with 25,000 days on this planet may easily secure only about 4,500 waking hour days of beneficial life. That’s a quarter of your life if you’re lucky. A quarter of your life during which the average person can puruse activities which are meaningful to them.”
— John B Mclemore, S-Town
Screenshot 2017-04-20 08.28.40.png

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. What became clear from this experience was how precious time is and the finite-ness of our time on this planet. 

This past Winter I had an increasingly growing discontent with how my life was going (only as far as a privileged person can be dissatisfied). I was feeling burnt out at work and my day to day felt like a grind. During this time, I was also reconnected with Francis. I took Francis out for a coffee and I learned about his story and how he lost a year and half of his life dealing with bipolar disorder. 

Francis asked me to make a kickstarter video to help raise funds for the album he was creating. I politely declined and told him what we need to do is share your story.

In my gut, I knew that his story had the potential to impact hundreds of other people. Four months ago is when I decided to take on The Lion as a personal project. It was something that I found meaning in, a project that isn't driven by commercial success, financial gains or broad swaths of approval and status. That was refreshing. 

I came back from work and would squeeze in what time I had left before bed to write, film or edit this project. And every single time I walked away more energized and excited about what I was doing. 

In those moments, I felt like I was doing truly meaningful work. I want to leave you with the question, what will you do with your 4,500 waking hour days? 

Behind the Scenes: Jumping in

I just spent the last 3 hours scrolling through the internet looking for some inspiration for my writing and going down the wrong rabbit holes. Should I write about how I feel like everyone is only concerned with millennial's because they want to sell us shit? Or do I write about how I'm reading Walden and that Thoreau wasn't actually all that perfect? Or maybe I write about career and how I've been putting too much emphasis on that being what brings me fulfilment in life. 

I'm looking for answers in all the wrong places.

This blog is a place to drop my thoughts, process what I'm going through (in the hopes that it might help someone else) and get better at writing and connecting ideas. Too often I find myself looking for answers outside of myself, wether it be my friends, interviews, books (of the self help variety), and people I generally look up to.

I don't need more data, more inspiration, or more contemplation. What I need is a little more action and a little less thinking. To let go of fear because life's too short. I'm going to get back to the edit. What have you been putting aside? 


New Work: The Gift is in the Give

The gift is in the Give. 

A quick-turn digital advertising campaign for lululemon. Take from Concept, to production and post in under 2 weeks. This was also the first time I pulled .R3D stills and was super impressed with how they turned out. 

The campaign reached over 28 million impressions through all our online creative. 

Director/DOP: Jon Chiang Editor & Colourist: Adam Hennegan Producers: Louise Hatton & Yael Stein Art Director: Talia Cohen Copy Writer: Leila Nadery Graphic Designer: Malin Otmalm Stylist: Alexie Gray