Behind the Scenes: On Time

Last weekend I spoke at the Distrikt DVRSN about time. This is a quick write up of the ideas I talked about. 

The average industrialized man with 25,000 days on this planet may easily secure only about 4,500 waking hour days of beneficial life. That’s a quarter of your life if you’re lucky. A quarter of your life during which the average person can puruse activities which are meaningful to them.”
— John B Mclemore, S-Town
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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. What became clear from this experience was how precious time is and the finite-ness of our time on this planet. 

This past Winter I had an increasingly growing discontent with how my life was going (only as far as a privileged person can be dissatisfied). I was feeling burnt out at work and my day to day felt like a grind. During this time, I was also reconnected with Francis. I took Francis out for a coffee and I learned about his story and how he lost a year and half of his life dealing with bipolar disorder. 

Francis asked me to make a kickstarter video to help raise funds for the album he was creating. I politely declined and told him what we need to do is share your story.

In my gut, I knew that his story had the potential to impact hundreds of other people. Four months ago is when I decided to take on The Lion as a personal project. It was something that I found meaning in, a project that isn't driven by commercial success, financial gains or broad swaths of approval and status. That was refreshing. 

I came back from work and would squeeze in what time I had left before bed to write, film or edit this project. And every single time I walked away more energized and excited about what I was doing. 

In those moments, I felt like I was doing truly meaningful work. I want to leave you with the question, what will you do with your 4,500 waking hour days?