I'm currently writing from a small BNB in the Algarve countryside while drinking my 0.99€ white wine from the grocery store. Lauren and I have been wanting to come to Portugal for quite some time now and decided to come on a whim after we saw a flight deal. I didn't have an expectation of what this country would be like so far, but it's been incredibly beautiful. Between the tiny cobble-stone streets in Lisbon and the long winding roads of the countryside, I've felt at ease exploring the different sides of this country. 

The Portugese egg tarts, fresh grilled fish and abundance of wine are worth all of the hype. I was also warned online about the challenges of driving in Lisbon while taking 20 minutes to back out of a dead-end alleyway, sandwiched between parked cars. Portugese (which I thought would be relatively easy to pick up) first sounded like Russian mixed with Spanish, but is now starting to feel a little bit more familiar. 

I'll leave you with these photos from Lisbon (I'm working on the selfie game). 

With love, from Portugal.