Behind the Scenes: Jumping in

I just spent the last 3 hours scrolling through the internet looking for some inspiration for my writing and going down the wrong rabbit holes. Should I write about how I feel like everyone is only concerned with millennial's because they want to sell us shit? Or do I write about how I'm reading Walden and that Thoreau wasn't actually all that perfect? Or maybe I write about career and how I've been putting too much emphasis on that being what brings me fulfilment in life. 

I'm looking for answers in all the wrong places.

This blog is a place to drop my thoughts, process what I'm going through (in the hopes that it might help someone else) and get better at writing and connecting ideas. Too often I find myself looking for answers outside of myself, wether it be my friends, interviews, books (of the self help variety), and people I generally look up to.

I don't need more data, more inspiration, or more contemplation. What I need is a little more action and a little less thinking. To let go of fear because life's too short. I'm going to get back to the edit. What have you been putting aside?