MYODETOX - changing the conversation


Concept 1: futureproof your body

What is the pinnacle of a Futureproof'd body? Your future self, 50 years from now. Someone who is still active, healthy and has a the outlook for a 20 year old.  

In this concept, we share 1-3 aspirational stories of people who have and continue to future proof their bodies.

The objective is to create an emotional connection between your younger community members (20-35) with their senior members (55+) through stories that inspire them to think about their future selves.  In this approach, you  give a voice to an older community within Myodetox's and inspire a younger generation about what you stand for: Future proofing your body. 

Our younger audience leaves inspired by these badass and unexpected role models. 

A great example from REI of longer format stories with these themes. 

We'll create 1 minute social videos to share these stories, with the possibility of creating a longer versions for youtube/facebook/web. Visually we'll show the seniors in their sport or activity, as well as what they do to futureproof their bodies. The accompanying campaign can include short social snippets (5-15s videos per person) to tease out the campaign. 


Concept 2: who is myodetox?

This approach is more straightforwards and will help scale your voice beyond written text & photos. We'll create content segments that will help share who Myodetox is, what you do and why you do it. In this approach, we'll be able to maximize  shoot days and create more content to share videos on your channels. The idea would be to share these three types of videos over the course of a business quarter to create repeatable content that your audience can expect. 

Here's how:

  1. Who: Community videos. Continue to create highlight reels of Myodetox showing up in the community and how the brand is innovating in the world of therapy.  We'll combine interview snippets & visuals to help tell the story. 
  2. What: Beautifully & simply shot videos of the Myodetox method. We'll focus on close up shots of the therapy in action. On screen text & visuals will help tell the story of what makes Myodetox stand apart. 
  3. Why: 30s-1 minute profiles on the Myodetox family. Here we get deep into who the people are in the company and why they do what they do. This is a great opportunity to humanize the brand and share the people who make up the company. 

2. An example of beautifully shot movement in action. We can take a similar approach of using close ups to emphasize the Myodetox method. 

3. What makes Myodetox's staff unique? Do they have an interesting story of how they got to into their field? A unique point of view on movement? A quirky hobby?