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Homegrown is about a boy who drowns in a river but is saved BY HIS ANCESTORS .


The camera opens on an altar and slowly pushes in. We see an altar with an old woman with a young boy at a piano a candle and other artifacts.
The candle blows out. 00:0-00:10. HOME, GROWN. appears on screen. 

00:00 - 00:42

A boy is in a bedroom, he's laying on the floor looking into the ceiling, perspiring. A fan blows in the room. He walks to the kitchen and pours himself a glass of water. He takes a sip and sets it down. We cut to a close up of the glass as it shakes to the beat of the music. He looks up and catches a reflection. The boy turns around and he turns around and sees nothing. He’s alone in the kitchen. 

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Francis performing “they came to see us, because we came to be us. we are here, and this is real, i feel we're never leaving”

CU to bicycle tire. Camera follows the boy riding fast from behind, he looks over his shoulder. The camera cuts to shots of the neighbourhood, different people on their lawns, to Boy on his bike and back from the perspective of the neighbours. 

In slow motion, the boy looks once last time as we cut to an old lady playing the piano on a lawn in the neighbourhood. The old woman looks up from the piano as they make eye contact.

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Boy is with friends by the river. Clearly un engaged. He’s staring off into space. His friends are jumping into the water. Cut back to Francis performing: “find the space and time to find pre-colonial states of mind, even if i die as that rapper that no one knows of at least i'll take roots, do this, make my music and grow up”


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Boy jumps into the river and is underwater. Music cuts out. We see him swimming and then struggling against the current.

The music comes back in. We cut between shots of him struggling and footage of a woman playing the piano.

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We see his grandmother, playing the piano, dancing with joy. 

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The boy is brought to the surface. We cut to a closeup of his face. He coughs out water. Cuts to his friends shaking him.

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The boy looks out to the water.