5 places I get inspiration in my inbox.

As a someone who's in the creative arts, it's easy to get indundated (ie: distracted) by all the inspiration on the internet. When I left social media 6 months ago (and now slowly making my way back in!), I began to rely on my inbox to stay connected to all things social. 

The first thing I did was purge my inbox and unsubscribe like a mad person. My goal was to reduce the crap and increase the good stuff that lands in my inbox. What's (mostly) left are the pieces of inspiration that are a joy to receive. Here's my top 5 and a few bonuses!  


1. Seth's Blog

Most people who run in the business & marketing circles have heard of Seth Godin. He's well known for international bestsellers (like the classic Purple Cow) and his pithy blog posts. His website looks like a dinosaur, but his writing & ways of thinking are something to aspire for. Subscribe

2. 99U

Founded by Scott Belsky (known for start Behance), 99U is adobe's platform for sharing stories from people in the creative arts. 99U offers great articles and stories about people doing great work in their fields. You can start at their most popular articles (scroll down).

3. Brainpickings

When I need a reframe or to feel small in the universe, I come to Maria Papova's Brainpickings. Her writing brings together multiple disciplines to pursue life's timeless questions and ideas. Read her article, 10 Learnings from 10 years of Brainpickings

4. Creative Mornings

If you've never attended one before, I'd highly recommend it. Especially for freelancers. Aside from the great monthly creative gathering, they have a fantastic blog that features speakers from talks around the world. Here's one from last week. 

5. Booooooom

Jeff Hamada, a Richmond Native, runs one of the coolest art blogs around town...for that matter, the World. I get lost on this website when I'm looking for art, design and photography that will challenge me to see things in new ways. Booooooom.tv is wonderful for finding new, interesting and weird films. 

6. Bonus:

Stylist Elim Chu sends out a beautiful Newsletter with styling tips, links and writing. Yes, I do use those styling tips (even if you can't tell). 

If you're an HR manager, my friends at team Corker Co. send out one of my favourite monthly emails. They share job openings for great companies, insightful articles on leadership and always end with a punny joke. 

And finally, Jess Robson delivers a fun and thoughtful weekly email on (hey, hey, it's Saturday!) around communication and how we communicate. Last week, she shared a hilarious story about how she got hit on on Linked in.